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Second pair of monster pants completed.

The customer picked several colors of yarns for this pair and told me to "have at it". This is what I managed to put together.

The colors remind me of a parrot. I love how the yellow, blue and orange go together.

The two monster pants are size 18 months, by the way. So will be the overall.

Now to start the overalls. Handpainted wool yarns in shades of blues and browns.

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First of Four done

Mailing this out this week. Will be starting on the second pair soon.

I think I am going to start on my baby son's sweater, too. Wouldn't you believe it? He will be 1 year old in a week!

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Sweet memories

During the past week, a couple of people I knew talked about having or making pasties for dinners.

That brought back a lot of memories of our time as students in UP Michigan. One of them was pasties. The school cafe made great tasting pasties. I worked there and I usually bought a few on Wednesdays after work for our dinner. They were cheap and so filling!

Ready to go in the oven.

I have made pasties now and then. I felt like having it for dinner tonight so why not?

I never used rutabaga in my pasties. That sucker is so hard to prep. I remember helping a lady (yet another of my part time jobs, helping elderlies in their homes) peel and cut a rutabaga to make pasties. Butcher knife wasn't going to do it. We had to a small machete. She had a small kitchen, too. I remember how that was making me nervous swinging that apparatus to whack the rutabaga in half. The lady stayed in the living room. ;-)

Anyways. I used chicken instead of beef in the pasties tonight. Just because I have cut up chicken ready to do. I used a lot of potatoes to make up the lack of rutabaga. Carrots and onions. I made the crusts myself. Easy to make with the help of my trusty food processor.

It's waiting for me on the counter. I am going to go and dig in. :)

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Knitting longies to sell

I finished one Monster Pants last week and the owner is enjoying them now! It fits him well. :)

Yesterday, I bought yarns to make two more pairs of monster pants for another customer. When these are done, I'll get more yarn of different colors to make another two pairs for her babies. :)

Life is good. :)

Other than that, I finished three diaper covers and they will be in the mail tomorrow. For now, diapers production will have to be put on hold until I get all the knitting done.

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