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Coming back

Most of the herbs I planted last year came back this spring. They are still in the pots I put them in then.

So for this year, I have Italian oregano, rosemary, parsley, chives, tarragon and lavender. That should be enough herbs for my kitchen.

Or maybe, I should check on the basil and mint on the ground. I might need to add basil and mint.

The rhubarbs are getting huge. Several of them are ready for eating. I found a recipe for a rhubarb custard pie the other day. I am going to have to talk to my husband into making it. He's better at making custards than I am. I don't have the patience. :)

The fence garden is doing well. I don't have to spend much time there. My husband cleaned it out last week.

I finished cleaning out the front flower bed. I got a few pots on the back deck cleaned. I guess I'll get the flowers this weekend to fill up the pots and the bed.

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It's that time

We have been dragging our feet when it comes to cleaning the garden and around the yard. Been too busy with work and kids.

It is time to do it though. We have to put some effort to clean and plan out the main garden this coming weekend.

The rhubarb is growing and it is already huge! Next to it, two bushes of black eyed susans are growing, too. Of course, the lilies. ;-) I love planting things only once and have them grow on their own each year. :)

I am working on two knitting and one crocheting projects at the moment. Two are for sales, one for fun.

I am also contemplating making a few palazzo pants for myself. I like to wear something loose and these pants are definitely loose! Since it is loose, I can wear them to pray, which is a bonus.

My daughter has caught the sewing bug. She has been making things from her sewing project book. She made a couple of skirts for herself, with grandma's help. She completed several small hand sewn projects. Here's a couple of what she did.

She did a great job! I'm so proud of her. :)

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Round one of longies done.

I have two set of 4 pairs of longies to do.

The sock monkey longies completed one set.

This is my own pattern. It was quite fun trying to figure out how to do it. :)

I am taking a break from making longies at the moment. Currently I have one project on my knitting needles. This project is for a special someone.
Not telling here who it's for, mind you. ;-D

Moving on.

I have been looking for ideas on how put in our veggie garden this year. I am thinking to cut down the size of the garden. I want to do only two rows of say 4'x16'. Each row will be compacted with various plants.

Something like below but with more longer row, in ground, not in raised beds.

Photo courtesy of Boys' Life, The Official Publication of Boy Scouts of America.

I'd like to let the grass grow back on the end section of the old garden. When we get a new swing set, that's where I am thinking to put it. Move it forward, away from the back fence and the trees.

On other topic, we have been making changes in our house. We moved furniture around. I am waiting for my friends to drop off a couple of tall bookcases she's giving me before everything can be in its place. The cool things about all these are one, after 5 years, I finally have a dedicated office space in my house. Number two, with the new office space and plenty of storage, I get to empty out my small closet in our bedroom, take out all the work files and supplies. I can now store half of my sewing and knitting supplies in that closet.

All in all, what I got from this are a dedicated office area (I do administrative work for a few small businesses owned by one family, and a bookkeeping job on the side), and a dedicated sewing/craft area for my diaper/knitting business.

I am Jack of all Trades (if you wanted to be PC, it should be Jill, but I don't care) but not an expert at any of them. At least I don't think I am. Lots to learn still. :)

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The overall and on to the next!

I got the overall done and the baby boy has already gotten it. :)

My client picked Brown Sheep Lanaloft handpainted yarn in Aqua Depths, and I picked Brown Sheep Lanaloft Worsted in Praline for trim. Buttons are from Tessa Ann Designs.

Right now, I am working on her son's sock monkey longies. I can't find a pattern for longies for sale anywhere, so I had to improvise one of the longies patterns that I have. It's been a bit challenging especially since I don't carry the mouth colors to the front of the pants. It's been good, too. I am working on the first leg of the pants now. Should be done soon.

One thing for the business that I did last month was getting myself a couple more cottage license for knitted overall and a different pattern of longies. So now I hold four cottage licenses for knitted apparels; diaper soakers, monster longies, braided longies and one overall.

When I am done with this longies, I have another order for a monster pants coming. Staying busy as usual. :)

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