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A bit overwhelming

These 6 are going out today.

This is 1 out of 30:

The customer and I decided on the this design to save some money. It's a newborn and small size diaper in one. That way she'll have a longer period of time to use them. If she bought them all in newborn, she'll maybe get a month's use?

These two orders were received on Sunday and Monday.

When I was at the gym last night, I received an email. Another referral. She's interested in ordering custom fitteds with hook and loop tape. I had to ask her to wait another week to order so I can get headways with the one order I have.

When I got home, right after I replied to the above lady's email, another email came in from yet another referral! Wow! Whoever is sending customers my way, THANK YOU!!!! This one has possible 15 fitteds and 3 pockets. I also had to ask her for another week before placing an order.

I hope I don't chase them away, but I have to be honest about the timing. I did tell them I have a day job, too, so my sewing time is shorter than I like.

I have 40 diapers orders this week so far.

Wow, this is going a hell of a lot better than I had expected.

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