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Waiting for the best deal pays off

In this case, at least.

We have been looking to buy a gas grill for the past year or so. Never really made the plunge to get one.

Last month, I finally buckled down and wanted to get one this year. We have been looking at sales and trying to get the best deal we could get. We found a couple but of course, the stores closer to us didn't have them in stock. The store in next town didn't deliver grills. Blech.

Anyway. We have a friend who will be moving to a different state this summer. Him and his family and downsizing their homestuff drastically.

He has the grill we were looking at; a Kenmore, 3 burner grill. He gave it to us for 1/4 of the price.

Excellent! I guess hesitating and not wanting to spend money do pay off sometimes.

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