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Not so frugal

The past two weeks have been a bit sluggish for us. I don't cook much at all. Between flu, cold, clinics, ER visit, we just don't have the time nor the energy to cook much. Canned soup, ordering take outs, fast food. Though all for dinners. We still make our own food for lunch. Quick lunches like sandwiches or just slices of cheese, or hot dogs. I ended up getting to the store a few times to stock up on convenient food; frozen chicken nuggets, hot dogs, bread (yes, I baked only once, maybe twice this past two weeks), yogurt drinks and boost, cheese and nuts. Something that won't take much to grab something quick to eat.

I am not even going to tally how much money we spent on take outs. It's not worth stressing over. Obviously we need it.

Now, if only I can start gong back to the gym again and get some semblance of balance in my life. That'd be great. All those take outs left me feeling a bit sluggish. Or maybe that's the bug that going around and around that does that? Yeesh..

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