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Time to get grocery

We've been buying grocery every two weeks, with the exception of milk. I have the list ready and the next two weeks menu ready. However, I don't have the energy to go and get it.

So far, we've averaged about $60 per week for grocery. I don't think that's a bad average considering I cook for every dinner every night. Even if I don't cook every night, I usually make a big enough meal to last another meal the next day. That number includes all the meat, chicken, produce, flour, rice, pasta, milk, etc. Not too shabby.

It helps that we don't eat beef that much anymore. I also buy the meat only when they're on sale. For the chickens, I buy bags of frozen chicken strips when they're 50% off. We have a lot of eggs on hand. I usually buy about 3 dozen everytime I get grocery. Good and easy protein for a meal or two.

Can we keep to this pattern? I don't know. Things changes all the time. I haven't been doing weight training as much, so I don't crave as much red meat. That would change if I change my exercise routine.

At this point, I just hope we can keep to this pattern regularly.

UPDATE: I spent $111 on groceries shopping last night and that's because of the freaking Gillette Mach3 razors that cost $12. Otherwise, it would have been $100 for two weeks of groceries and sundries.

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