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In a hurry to get things done

It looks like the baby will be here sooner rather than later. I have two weeks or so, if I am lucky. :-)

I finished a nursing cover tonight. I am making two. I will sew the other one tomorrow. Yesterday, I finished four simple fleece sleeping sacks for the baby. My son immediately put two of them on his dolls. It was cute.

I have a few more things to sew and then I am done. I think.

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Busy sewing

I made another sun dress for my daughter. It has a bit more shape to it, unlike the pillowcase dresses that I made her before. I use a pretty ribbon for straps and a border across the chest.

Then on Saturday, I spent about 4 hours (a lot of getting up and playing with the kids in these 4 hours) making diapers for the big order. I got all these in the photo done on Saturday. I have a few diapers completed on Sunday and yesterday that I didn't take photos of.

I almost have enough money put aside from the diapers sales for a good serger! That'd make a lot of difference when it's time to make inserts. It will save me a lot of minutes.

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Strawberry chocolate swirl.

At least that's what my daughter's dress reminds me off. I found these fabrics on remnant shelves a few months ago. About time I used them for something.

I finished it this mornin without the sash and the straps. I went to WalMart and found an unused spool of ribbon. It turned out that it was also on 50% off (they're closing their fabric department so almost everything is 50% off). So I got 10 yards of nice thick pretty ribbon for $2.56. Not bad.

It turned out really nice! I adjusted the sundress pattern that I used before. I shortened the arm hole, split the body to two sections. The lower section's cuts were a bit wider so I could gather the top to have a ruffled look.I added the sash as an afterthought. The sash makes the dress looks trimmer, not just like a potato sack. :D

She loves it. I love it.

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I suppose it's worth it?

To buy spools of neutral color thread in bulk? I bought three spools last week and already halfway through spool number 2. Maybe I'll keep an eye on JoAnn's 50% sale on thread spools. I'll buy a whole lot then.

Yesterday was a full day of sewing and a bit of gardening. I planted two types of lettuce seeds in a big pot on the deck. I also planted the seeds for rosemary and chives in two medium pots. I put these in the greenhouse shelves. That's where they'll stay so I can have them fresh during colder seasons.

Sewing. I had two cuts of fabrics for more skirts. I cut one of them and finished sewing it yesterday morning. The same wraparound skirt concept. The difference is that my wraparound skirts don't have ties. The panels are sewn together so there's no danger of unwrapping the skirt. It can see accidents happening especially with curious 2.5 years old hands around me all the time. ;D

I have also sewn another hijab. It's the reverse of the colorful hijab; the colorful part wraps around the face and a deep purple jersey knit for the body. Pretty nice, if I may say so.

I've also gotten these all put together for shipping to Canada today:

I have pulled out boy/gender neutral fabrics that I have on hand for the huge order. She wanted either woven or knit cotton. I'll need to get more of boy prints in these types later.

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