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12 fitteds and 4 covers on their way

I have completed a set of 12 flannel fitted diapers and 4 PUL diaper covers. All in one size, so the baby could wear them from age 3 to 4 months up to 24 months or longer. I hope the owner will find them useful. :)

I love this print! It's so cute. I have enough left to make one for my son.

Love this one, too. Love the contrast in colors. I am planning on making one with red or orange trim for my baby.

Three out of twelve have Christmas-sy theme.

The whole lot.

I am satisfied with this lot.

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More diapers

Finished two more diapers.

Four more to go. I have one cut ready to be sewn.

I think I am going to make several all-in-one or pocket diapers for my son. My husband seems to prefer those more than prefolds and covers.

I have also finished another skirt for my daughter. I went to JoAnn yesterday to buy a few cuts of flannels. I also picked out one woven cotton in rusty pink with flowers. I am going to make either a long skirt or a dress for her with it.

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Second, the diapers business update

This week I finished 6 fitted diapers. Six more to go and three covers, and that will complete this order.

Yesterday, a new door may have opened for my business. I MAY be working with another company. I will supply them fitted diapers, in turn to be put together to make diaper cakes. The diaper cakes are for baby showers.

I am very grateful for the idea and opportunity to get my name even further out in FL!

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Sewing fun

Yes, I have started sewing again. I have been getting one order after another during the past month. I have finished one custom order. Pocket diapers for a toddler. These ones have long rise to accommodate the child.

Now I have two orders of a dozen diapers and several covers per order and another order for more toddler pockets and extra inserts.

Whee!!!!!! My head is spinning!

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