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New blueberries

We went to Dexter Blueberry Farm again today to pick our first batch of blueberries for this year. It's at $1.60 per pound this year. There is a lot out there begging to be picked. If you live in the area, we strongly recommend this farm for blueberries picking. It's huge and clean. We picked enough to make a couple of batches of jam, a few blueberry pies, miscellaneous cooking and baking, and for munching.

I have washed and dried them. I have one blueberry pie cooling on the counter, a couple of bags of pie filling measured and in the freezer, a couple of bags for miscellaneous use in the freezer, a batch of jam already in their half pint jars, sealed and cooling and another batch of jam cooking on the stove. I put some berries in a container in the fridge for munching.

A batch of jam cooking.

This is the blueberry jam without pectin recipe that I used last year. We really liked it, so I made it again for this year's reserve.

The first batch sealed and cooling.

Ah... I just heard the first loud ping from the jars. Sweet. Oh..there goes another!

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Using up frozen fruits

A few weeks ago, I finished another round of the Anne of Green Gables book. The author sure put in a lot of mouthwatering food in the story.

One thing stuck out to me.

Raspberries cordial.

For one thing, raspberry is one of my favorite fruit. I also love cordials. We always have orange cordial when I was growing up.

So it got me to wondering what a raspberry cordial would taste like.

I googled (what a wonderful invention it is!) Raspberries Cordial. Lo and behold, it pulled a LOT of Anne of Green Gables Raspberries Cordial recipes.

We have one bag of frozen raspberries left from last year's season. It turned out to be the right amount needed for the recipe I was using.

1.25 lbs of raspberries, unfrozen
1 and 1/4 cup sugar
4 cups boiling water
2 lemons for juice

Boil the berries and sugar together. Mash the berries. Once the mixture is boiling and is watery, strained the mixture to get rid of seeds. Add boiling water and juice of 2 lemons to the mixture. Stir and put in the refrigerator to cool. It should be good to drink after a couple of hours.

It smells good. It looks good. I guess we'll have to wait and see what it would taste like.

Of course now we don't have anymore frozen raspberries. We picked enough last year for a year's supply of jam (stil have one jar left), muffins, smoothies, and miscellaneous stuff. I was hoping that the amount we picked would be enough to last a year and it did. The raspberry season started last week at the farm close to where we live. It's perfect timing.

We did go out this morning and picked only a couple of quarts. There's plenty of reds but plenty more of white berries on the vines. We are planning on going back next weekend and pick for our yearly supply.

We'll do the same with blueberries too. I have a half bag left in the freezer. We'll pick to stock next weekend, too.

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Another birthday

My son turns 3 today. I made him a cake even if we're not having a party. It's only fair since I've always made one for his sister.

Now, it's really hot and humid today. It really makes it hard for the heavy whipping cream frosting to stay stiff! I pretty much just slapped the frosting on the cake really quickly, wrote happy birthday, made a couple of cars and put the cake in the fridge. Just so the frosting wouldn't melt off the cake. :D

It's orange cake. The frosting is just whipped cream frosting (3 cups heavy whipping cream, 1 tablespoon sugar, half a pack of instant vanilla pudding mix). Not too sweet. Which is good. This is our favorite kind of cake frosting.

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We went to Rowe's Farm in Belleville for strawberry picking. It was for $1.49 per pound. We picked 11 pounds. It is nearing the end of the season though, so I doubt we are going to get another chance to go and pick more.

We froze half of it. Those are for smoothies. My husband made two pudding pies with strawberries toppings. We gave one to our neighbor. I used 6 cups to make refrigerator jam. That container will get eaten up fast.

We have a big bowl of strawberries left in the fridge. We'll eat those. The kids have been munching on them every chance they get. They are so sweet!

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