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Sweet memories

During the past week, a couple of people I knew talked about having or making pasties for dinners.

That brought back a lot of memories of our time as students in UP Michigan. One of them was pasties. The school cafe made great tasting pasties. I worked there and I usually bought a few on Wednesdays after work for our dinner. They were cheap and so filling!

Ready to go in the oven.

I have made pasties now and then. I felt like having it for dinner tonight so why not?

I never used rutabaga in my pasties. That sucker is so hard to prep. I remember helping a lady (yet another of my part time jobs, helping elderlies in their homes) peel and cut a rutabaga to make pasties. Butcher knife wasn't going to do it. We had to a small machete. She had a small kitchen, too. I remember how that was making me nervous swinging that apparatus to whack the rutabaga in half. The lady stayed in the living room. ;-)

Anyways. I used chicken instead of beef in the pasties tonight. Just because I have cut up chicken ready to do. I used a lot of potatoes to make up the lack of rutabaga. Carrots and onions. I made the crusts myself. Easy to make with the help of my trusty food processor.

It's waiting for me on the counter. I am going to go and dig in. :)

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It's Fall and there are apples

We picked a bushel of apples yesterday. We have a half bushel of Golden Delicious for drying and snacking/lunch packs. We picked a half bushel of Macintosh and Jonathan, combined. These are for apple sauce and butter.

I have started a batch of apple sauce this morning.

Apple for sauce.

When it is done, I am planning on taking some out for the baby's food and keep on cooking the rest to make apple butter.

At the moment, the man is prepping the apple for drying.

Lots of apple goodness.

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Something off the yard

I was reading a blog. This lady takes almost anything off her yard, and changed them to something edible for the palate.

I thought I'd give it a try.

I made dandelion jelly yesterday.

I sent the kids out with a big bowl. Gave them the task to pick ONLY dandelion flowers. They filled up the bowl within a couple of minutes. :)

I have never been the one to rip off flowers petals to eat or tell my luck. Well, yesterday, I rip petals off so I can make food out of them.

I boiled 2 cups of dandelions petals with 2 cups of water for 10 minutes. Strained the mixture. Add 1 cup of sugar (or 1 3/4 cup powdered sugar, since I don't have enough granulated sugar), 2 teaspoon of lemon juice and 1 1/2 teaspoon of pectic to the fluid. Boil them again until the jelly passed the cold saucer test.

It was good!!!!

I could do it again.

My husband, he got inspired by the whole thing. He dug up dandelion roots, cleaned, chopped, roasted and ground them to make coffee substitute.

Not worth it. It took too long to prepare them to get a small amount of ground for one. Second, it tasted too bitter.

We'll have to venture more into the yard and see what else we can find. We've been here a bit over four years and never once sprayed any pesticides or weed killer in the whole yard. We feel it's safe to eat whatever is growing out there.

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An update, finally, eh?

Life has been a TAD bit hectic lately. I haven't got a chance to update this blog. A lot was going on. All good things.

We picked more and more tomatoes off the garden. Our neighbor helped a lot with picking, too. He offered since he knew it is Ramadan and I am pregnant. He figured we wouldn't be working in the garden much at all. He was right. I haven't set foot much in the garden. I am trying to take it easy with harder physical activities. With all these modern conveniences, I am pretty disgusted at myself that I can't drag myself to work in the garden. I wonder how those pioneer women did it.


We had all these tomatoes. Easily a few bushels of roma, celebrity and grape. So far we have canned 18 quarts and 4 pints of chopped tomatoes, 6 pints of marinara sauce, and 8 half-pints of pizza sauce. We have another bushel to go through. That's be tomorrow's chore.

One of the picks.

Some of the diced tomatoes.

Some of the dried grape tomatoes.

Some of the diced tomatoes and pizza sauce.

We've also enjoys the fresh eggplants from out garden. We've made eggplant parmesan, and curries with eggplants. We've used a head of cabbage in a fried noodle dish. I am planning of freezing pre-made eggplant parmesan for later use.

Eggplant parmesan

Dinner with fresh veggies from the garden; zucchini, green pepper and grape tomatoes.

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