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Two weekends later...

Yeah. Roughly 90% of the veggie plants are in the garden now. I say 90% because I still need to get zucchini, cucumber, summer squash and pole bean.

The garden looks much smaller than last year. It is now at 18'x22'. We will have to till one more row for zucchini, squash and cucumber. That would probably increase the size to 18' x 25-26'.

Other than the main garden, I have a row of hot peppers, mint and parsley along the garage. I have two long pots of lettuce.

We aren't planting spinach and bell peppers this year. Originally we weren't planning on planting any kind of beans either, but we changed our minds. We may not get much out of the plants we'll have, but there will be something to munch on while we're working in the garden.

We cut down the tomato plants by half. I don't think I have the time to can as many tomatoes this year as the previous years.

Speaking of canning tomatoes, we still have the chopped tomato quart jars from last year's crop! I haven't buy stewed or chopped tomatoes in over a year now. At this time last year, we still have the previous year's bounty.

That was nice.

I still have to plant the front flower bed and the bed along the back deck. I did get the pots on the deck planted with wave petunias. Just one type of flower. Easy peasy. No need to create headaches for myself on what to plant where.

I am planning getting a lot of hostas for both the front and back deck's flower bed. Call it trying to save time and energy on my part. That's all I am going to have for the back deck. As for the front bed, the hostas will be the backdrop for other flowers. It will cover the scraggly ground.

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The season begins

We bought the seedlings for our veggie garden today! We'd like to get them in the ground today, but I don't think we'll have time today nor tomorrow to do so.

Planting will have to wait until next weekend, I suppose.

We cut down the number of things we're growing this year. With a baby on board, it seems a bit pushing it if I do more.

We bought 3 types of tomatoes, but much less in quantity; roma, grape and betty something or other. We have cabbage and cauliflower. Two types of lettuce. Serrano and jalapeno peppers. We'll plant sweet potatoes and potatoes. We have eggplants. We'll plant zucchini and cucumber seeds.

I did get a variety of herbs seedlings; basil, lavender, marjoram, sage, rosemary, curry, thyme and a couple more. I like to cook with fresh herbs, so I splurged.

I need to get more potting soil before I can transfer the herbs in pots.

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Halfway done

We've started cleaning out the garden. Yesterday and today, my husband has been slowly digging out the sweet potatoes. We planted only two starters. They ended up taking up a good third of the whole garden. Here's a picture of one of the sweet potatoes that he dug out:

We have a few big ones. I think we got a pretty good crop of it this year.

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Reaping what we sow

No, it has nothing to do with qouting the bible. Not in that sense, anyway.

We had the kids picked a few red roma tomatoes today:

I grilled most of them for dinner tonight. Yummy!

We worked in the garden a bit more today. Just weeding, tying up tomato plants' stems so they are off the ground. It looks like there will be a lot of tomatoes ripening soon. We have a decent size cucumber growing right now. I'll pick it in a couple of days. Sarah has two cucumbers growing on her plant. She's stoked about it.

These pictures were taken this afternoon.

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