Half planted

We've started on the main garden patch. We planted 5 rows on the southern half of the patch.

We have 1 row of 4 grape tomatoes, 1 row of 6 roma tomatoes plants, 1 row of 4 celebrity tomatoes. We planted 1 each of green, red and yellow bell peppers at the end of grape and celebrity tomatoes rows. The goal is to make a lot of spaghetti sauce, diced tomatoes and tomato sauce to can. The grape tomatoes freeze well so they can go in the freezer.

We have 1 row of dutch cabbage (4 plants), a row of brussel sprouts (4 plants) with 2 classic eggplants seedling at the end of the row.

The other half of the patch will have corn, potatoes, sweet potatoes, red onion, spaghetti squash, cucumbers, zucchinis and bean bush.

Other than that, the kids and I were busy cutting down the tulips from the front bed and planted several different flowers there. We also finished transplanting the herbs in pots.

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Today's activities

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Let the sowing begin!

Tomorrow we will till our garden patch. It'll be expanded to another 15' long.

We can't wait to start planting stuff!

Today, we did start planting stuff. Remember a while back I mentioned that our daughter is going to have her own garden strip this year. We were going to make a raised bed for her. We tossed that idea out of the window. We gave her the strip along the garage. We had our herb garden there for the past few years. From now on, our herbs are going to be in pots, on the "greenhouse" shelves. This is so we could have fresh herbs all year round.

This morning, we went to this place where this lady sold the seedlings flats. My daughter picked the things she wanted to plant. We gave suggestions, but she decided on her own. The first thing she picked was 2 cubes of marigold; yellow and orange. OK. Then she picked a cube of red snapdragon. I think that's the name. I am not good at remembering flowers. She wanted to plant tomatoes, but the place did not have grape tomatoes. We'll do that later.

She has been eating a lot of salad. We suggested maybe she can plant a few plants that go in a salad. So she got lettuce and cucumbers. We have carrots seeds that she could use. She also picked broccoli.

A full garden bed for a six years old.

Anyway. We cleaned out the strip. Everyone chipped one. Even my almost 3 year old son, with his dump truck. He helped transferring the soil around. ;)

Then, my husband showed our daughter what to do. It was great watching them working together. She loved it! When they were done, she cleaned up. Then she stood in front of her garden bed and sang the plants a lullaby. Huh?

She said the plants need a lot of loving. That's why she was singing to them. :D

Pictures coming up next.

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