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Coming back

Most of the herbs I planted last year came back this spring. They are still in the pots I put them in then.

So for this year, I have Italian oregano, rosemary, parsley, chives, tarragon and lavender. That should be enough herbs for my kitchen.

Or maybe, I should check on the basil and mint on the ground. I might need to add basil and mint.

The rhubarbs are getting huge. Several of them are ready for eating. I found a recipe for a rhubarb custard pie the other day. I am going to have to talk to my husband into making it. He's better at making custards than I am. I don't have the patience. :)

The fence garden is doing well. I don't have to spend much time there. My husband cleaned it out last week.

I finished cleaning out the front flower bed. I got a few pots on the back deck cleaned. I guess I'll get the flowers this weekend to fill up the pots and the bed.

It's September

and my garden is finally giving out lots of veggies. What a screwy year for our garden. The weather really played havoc on allowing the plants to grow and bearing fruits.

We have been enjoying picking green beans, grape tomatoes and cucumbers for snacking. My baby son has been enjoying fresh green beans for his meals. He has been enjoying munching on cool cucumber sticks. I bet those feel good on his sore gums!

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First, the garden update

I have been picking beans, cucumbers and tomatoes daily. There are a whole lot more coming. Love it.

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Rain is good for the garden

We had received enough rain the past two days to last a week in the garden. It is supposed to rain tonight, too. Yay! I am seeing a slight decrease in water bill....

The plants are growing fine. There are bugs eating away the cauliflower leaves and some bean leaves. *shrug* I have a couple of homemade bug repellents' recipes. These don't use chemical in them (don't you think soap is chemical?). Wait, I think there are non-chemical soaps... goat milk soap..

Well, in any case, I'll figure that out later. In my spare time. Uh huh..

I finally bought the cucumber trellis. After 3 or maybe 4 years of eyeing it. Just in time because the cucumber is finally taking off.

So are most other plants. We did plant them late, a couple of weeks at least after everybody else got theirs in. Now we have a LOT of tomatoes ripening out there, we have several jalapeno and serrano peppers waiting to be picked. A couple of cucumbers, needing to grow a couple more inches before I can pick them. Beans and eggplants are flowering. Cabbages are forming well. All in all, the plants are doing good.

I ordered new seeds for lettuce. Organic Little Gem Lettuce and Montecito lettuce. Basically romaines and almost like butter lettuce. These are the ones we usually eat. Not going to plant other fall harvest plants. For the time being, we can get carrots and broccoli for really cheap at the produce store we go to. I eat radish but nobody else do, so none of that. No sense in planting something that no one will eat.

Moving on.

We just decided that we'll go pick raspberries this Sunday. The farm said it is slow picking for blueberries until the first week of August. Found out that the blueberry farm doesn't use pesticides. Some part of the farm grows wild blueberries.

By the time we pick the blueberries, my husband's long awaited food dehydrator (my bad!) will be here! We can dry these fruits. :)

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