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I finished another set of order. These went out a couple of days ago; three pockets and several inserts. The inserts are made with Zorb and flannel. Zorb is made of non-allergenic bamboo/cotton/viscose and poly micro fibers and absorbs much faster than other diaper fabrics. A single layer of Zorb can hold three times as much liquid as other diaper fabrics so it leaks and wicks less. (direct quote from Zany Zebra diaper fabrics). However, Zorb tears apart easily. That is why I encased them in flannel casings. It should hold Zorb fabric well.

I have started on the next order of 12 fitteds and 3 covers. I have cut a couple of sets and completed one set.

On to another baby stuff, other than diapers.

I am going to knit a pair of long wool pants for my baby. He is outgrowing most of his baby clothes. He doesn't have many pants or shorts. With cooler seasons approaching, he will need the pants.

I have one variegated green 100% wool yarn that I bought before for this purpose. I haven't knit in a while so I am a bit geek to start a new project. :)

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Not too long

I have a bit over a month until the baby gets here. Time flies.

I haven't sewn much. I did make a diaper for a friend yesterday. I am waiting for fabrics to arrive so I can make the baby wrap and belly binds.

I HAVE been knitting. Making stuff for my daughter, my son and the baby. I am almost done with my daughter's cardigan. I have the baby's newborn hat on the needles.

This morning, I started on a pair of bulky mittens for my daughter. She lost one mitten at school. It's getting really cold outside so I figured I better make one soon. Preferably thick and warm. I found a pattern on Ravelry for a pair of thick, warm mittens, made with Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick. It's super bulky. It has been a very quick knit. I started an hour ago and almost got one mitt done.

I'll probably get these done this afternoon.

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Fun knits.

I have slowed down sewing diapers. In fact, I told my customers that I put a halt to mass productions until post-partum. But.. I can still knit and I don't think that will stop anytime soon!

I have made this one wool diaper shorts/soakers for sale. It is listed now.

I also have been knitting a lot of stuff for Daniel. These are the stuff done so far:

I have also made two cowls for my daughter. She wanted one because her dad said it was good to have in the cold weather. It turned out that the first one was a bit loose, so I made a second cowl, which fit better.

The first cowl.

At the moment, I have a cardigan on the needles for her, and am planning on starting another soakers for sale.

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Knitting for a newborn

I've finished knitting the first item to give to a family in need of things for a newborn baby.

I have not put on the velcro on it yet. Still waiting for that Aplix to get here.

Another quick knitting. There's not much in way of gussets however. So I don't know how well it would work on containing leaks from the diapers.I thought about putting in gussets. I'll have to play around with the pattern later.

I will knit her another newborn size and a couple of baby socks.

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