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Free time?

Between work, husband and kids, there really isn't much free time for me. I try to carve an hour or two for myself daily. Husband has been very good about pushing me to get time on my own.

New project at work is settling down. Kids are growing up some. They need attention but not as constant as when they were toddlers. I van actually sit and knit more. Or read more. Or whatever else I want to do.

I am in the middle of knitting a sweater for my daughter. Something that she could wear to school. It has short sleeves and only one button at the neckline. 17 cm to go and I'll be done with it!

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The overall and on to the next!

I got the overall done and the baby boy has already gotten it. :)

My client picked Brown Sheep Lanaloft handpainted yarn in Aqua Depths, and I picked Brown Sheep Lanaloft Worsted in Praline for trim. Buttons are from Tessa Ann Designs.

Right now, I am working on her son's sock monkey longies. I can't find a pattern for longies for sale anywhere, so I had to improvise one of the longies patterns that I have. It's been a bit challenging especially since I don't carry the mouth colors to the front of the pants. It's been good, too. I am working on the first leg of the pants now. Should be done soon.

One thing for the business that I did last month was getting myself a couple more cottage license for knitted overall and a different pattern of longies. So now I hold four cottage licenses for knitted apparels; diaper soakers, monster longies, braided longies and one overall.

When I am done with this longies, I have another order for a monster pants coming. Staying busy as usual. :)

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Second pair of monster pants completed.

The customer picked several colors of yarns for this pair and told me to "have at it". This is what I managed to put together.

The colors remind me of a parrot. I love how the yellow, blue and orange go together.

The two monster pants are size 18 months, by the way. So will be the overall.

Now to start the overalls. Handpainted wool yarns in shades of blues and browns.

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First of Four done

Mailing this out this week. Will be starting on the second pair soon.

I think I am going to start on my baby son's sweater, too. Wouldn't you believe it? He will be 1 year old in a week!

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