The overall and on to the next!

I got the overall done and the baby boy has already gotten it. :)

My client picked Brown Sheep Lanaloft handpainted yarn in Aqua Depths, and I picked Brown Sheep Lanaloft Worsted in Praline for trim. Buttons are from Tessa Ann Designs.

Right now, I am working on her son's sock monkey longies. I can't find a pattern for longies for sale anywhere, so I had to improvise one of the longies patterns that I have. It's been a bit challenging especially since I don't carry the mouth colors to the front of the pants. It's been good, too. I am working on the first leg of the pants now. Should be done soon.

One thing for the business that I did last month was getting myself a couple more cottage license for knitted overall and a different pattern of longies. So now I hold four cottage licenses for knitted apparels; diaper soakers, monster longies, braided longies and one overall.

When I am done with this longies, I have another order for a monster pants coming. Staying busy as usual. :)

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