First of Four done

Mailing this out this week. Will be starting on the second pair soon.

I think I am going to start on my baby son's sweater, too. Wouldn't you believe it? He will be 1 year old in a week!

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Sweet memories

During the past week, a couple of people I knew talked about having or making pasties for dinners.

That brought back a lot of memories of our time as students in UP Michigan. One of them was pasties. The school cafe made great tasting pasties. I worked there and I usually bought a few on Wednesdays after work for our dinner. They were cheap and so filling!

Ready to go in the oven.

I have made pasties now and then. I felt like having it for dinner tonight so why not?

I never used rutabaga in my pasties. That sucker is so hard to prep. I remember helping a lady (yet another of my part time jobs, helping elderlies in their homes) peel and cut a rutabaga to make pasties. Butcher knife wasn't going to do it. We had to a small machete. She had a small kitchen, too. I remember how that was making me nervous swinging that apparatus to whack the rutabaga in half. The lady stayed in the living room. ;-)

Anyways. I used chicken instead of beef in the pasties tonight. Just because I have cut up chicken ready to do. I used a lot of potatoes to make up the lack of rutabaga. Carrots and onions. I made the crusts myself. Easy to make with the help of my trusty food processor.

It's waiting for me on the counter. I am going to go and dig in. :)

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