Knitting longies to sell

I finished one Monster Pants last week and the owner is enjoying them now! It fits him well. :)

Yesterday, I bought yarns to make two more pairs of monster pants for another customer. When these are done, I'll get more yarn of different colors to make another two pairs for her babies. :)

Life is good. :)

Other than that, I finished three diaper covers and they will be in the mail tomorrow. For now, diapers production will have to be put on hold until I get all the knitting done.

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Productive weekend!

I am tired. But it's the good kind of being tired.

My husband and I did a of things that we have been wanting to get done at our house this weekend.

We got the curtains up in all bedrooms on the second floor. I bought the material at JoAnn yesterday and today, and saved $120 on the fabric alone. The fleece were on sale, and I have several coupons to use.

We decided to use fleece for the curtains because, again, it would give nice insulation against the cold during this winter. I noticed that our bedroom was a bit warmer tonight and not drafty around the sliding door area like usual. It works!

Daughter's room. There is a bit of green in the fabric that matches the wall color.

The boys' room. Monsters!!! I love this print.

Our bedroom.

We also cleaned up daughter's room. Threw out a bunch of junk, sorted her clothes and gave away those that didn't fit anymore. We moved the furniture around so there would be enough room to put in a desk that we received from a family friend, and an empty floor space in the middle where she and her brothers could play.

It felt good to get all these done.

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Diaper sewing will be put on hold for a bit

I received an order from one of my previous customers yesterday; 4 knitted longies, 2 knitted overalls and 2 knitted sock monkeys.


Needless to say, I won't be able to sew much for the next couple of months but will try to anyway.

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