Hey look, an update! :)

It's been almost a month since my last post. I am getting bad at updating this blog. Two things; a baby and all of us have been taking turn being sick.

Yup. Those are enough to stop a lot of activities.

During this past month, I actually managed to sew a LOT of diapers; four pockets, six all-in-ones, six covers and twelve fitted. 28 pieces in all. One box of a dozen diapers went to Malaysia. I had a diaper order that went to Australia.

Out of those twelve fitted diapers, eight went to stock up my store and half of those are sold. I guess I better get busy again.

When I can find the time, that is.

I made two AIOs and a pocket for my son. Love them. I made them so it would make it easier for my husband to use. He wouldn't have to mess with the prefolds and covers, of which I like to use for son.

Right now, I am almost done knitting an overall for a friend's baby. After that, I have a commission to knit monster pants for another good friend's baby. :)

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