It's Fall and there are apples

We picked a bushel of apples yesterday. We have a half bushel of Golden Delicious for drying and snacking/lunch packs. We picked a half bushel of Macintosh and Jonathan, combined. These are for apple sauce and butter.

I have started a batch of apple sauce this morning.

Apple for sauce.

When it is done, I am planning on taking some out for the baby's food and keep on cooking the rest to make apple butter.

At the moment, the man is prepping the apple for drying.

Lots of apple goodness.

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Enjoying what we sow

One of the several recent harvests.

We have been picking fruits off the vines every other day or so. Usually, this is how much we pick each time. I have 2 big bags of green beans in the fridge, some in the freezer. My husband dried enough tomatoes to fit in two 1-quart size containers. We've been making a lot of eggplants dishes for dinner.

Life is good.

This summer, we did not pick berries like the previous years. For one, the blueberry farm was not having enough berries for picking. Bad crop this year. We haven't been picking raspberries either. Second, we didn't have the time to do so. It was a busy season for husband at work. Then fasting month came.

It really doesn't matter to us since we have enough strawberry jams and preserves to last us a year.

We'll just wait for apples to be ready for picking. I'll make apple butter for sure. I just want the smell of apple butter cooking filling the house. :)

Moving on.

I managed to finish a short cardigan for my daughter! I am satisfied with that. I haven't been able to knit much these past few months (gee, I wonder why? *snort*)

I like how the cardigan turned out. I love it more that she LOVES wearing it. :)

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12 fitteds and 4 covers on their way

I have completed a set of 12 flannel fitted diapers and 4 PUL diaper covers. All in one size, so the baby could wear them from age 3 to 4 months up to 24 months or longer. I hope the owner will find them useful. :)

I love this print! It's so cute. I have enough left to make one for my son.

Love this one, too. Love the contrast in colors. I am planning on making one with red or orange trim for my baby.

Three out of twelve have Christmas-sy theme.

The whole lot.

I am satisfied with this lot.

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It's September

and my garden is finally giving out lots of veggies. What a screwy year for our garden. The weather really played havoc on allowing the plants to grow and bearing fruits.

We have been enjoying picking green beans, grape tomatoes and cucumbers for snacking. My baby son has been enjoying fresh green beans for his meals. He has been enjoying munching on cool cucumber sticks. I bet those feel good on his sore gums!

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