More diapers

Finished two more diapers.

Four more to go. I have one cut ready to be sewn.

I think I am going to make several all-in-one or pocket diapers for my son. My husband seems to prefer those more than prefolds and covers.

I have also finished another skirt for my daughter. I went to JoAnn yesterday to buy a few cuts of flannels. I also picked out one woven cotton in rusty pink with flowers. I am going to make either a long skirt or a dress for her with it.

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Second, the diapers business update

This week I finished 6 fitted diapers. Six more to go and three covers, and that will complete this order.

Yesterday, a new door may have opened for my business. I MAY be working with another company. I will supply them fitted diapers, in turn to be put together to make diaper cakes. The diaper cakes are for baby showers.

I am very grateful for the idea and opportunity to get my name even further out in FL!

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First, the garden update

I have been picking beans, cucumbers and tomatoes daily. There are a whole lot more coming. Love it.

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For babies and toddlers

I finished another set of order. These went out a couple of days ago; three pockets and several inserts. The inserts are made with Zorb and flannel. Zorb is made of non-allergenic bamboo/cotton/viscose and poly micro fibers and absorbs much faster than other diaper fabrics. A single layer of Zorb can hold three times as much liquid as other diaper fabrics so it leaks and wicks less. (direct quote from Zany Zebra diaper fabrics). However, Zorb tears apart easily. That is why I encased them in flannel casings. It should hold Zorb fabric well.

I have started on the next order of 12 fitteds and 3 covers. I have cut a couple of sets and completed one set.

On to another baby stuff, other than diapers.

I am going to knit a pair of long wool pants for my baby. He is outgrowing most of his baby clothes. He doesn't have many pants or shorts. With cooler seasons approaching, he will need the pants.

I have one variegated green 100% wool yarn that I bought before for this purpose. I haven't knit in a while so I am a bit geek to start a new project. :)

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The garden, this morning.

We have a lot of beans, eggplants, cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes and hot peppers coming in. :)

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