Sewing fun

Yes, I have started sewing again. I have been getting one order after another during the past month. I have finished one custom order. Pocket diapers for a toddler. These ones have long rise to accommodate the child.

Now I have two orders of a dozen diapers and several covers per order and another order for more toddler pockets and extra inserts.

Whee!!!!!! My head is spinning!

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Rain is good for the garden

We had received enough rain the past two days to last a week in the garden. It is supposed to rain tonight, too. Yay! I am seeing a slight decrease in water bill....

The plants are growing fine. There are bugs eating away the cauliflower leaves and some bean leaves. *shrug* I have a couple of homemade bug repellents' recipes. These don't use chemical in them (don't you think soap is chemical?). Wait, I think there are non-chemical soaps... goat milk soap..

Well, in any case, I'll figure that out later. In my spare time. Uh huh..

I finally bought the cucumber trellis. After 3 or maybe 4 years of eyeing it. Just in time because the cucumber is finally taking off.

So are most other plants. We did plant them late, a couple of weeks at least after everybody else got theirs in. Now we have a LOT of tomatoes ripening out there, we have several jalapeno and serrano peppers waiting to be picked. A couple of cucumbers, needing to grow a couple more inches before I can pick them. Beans and eggplants are flowering. Cabbages are forming well. All in all, the plants are doing good.

I ordered new seeds for lettuce. Organic Little Gem Lettuce and Montecito lettuce. Basically romaines and almost like butter lettuce. These are the ones we usually eat. Not going to plant other fall harvest plants. For the time being, we can get carrots and broccoli for really cheap at the produce store we go to. I eat radish but nobody else do, so none of that. No sense in planting something that no one will eat.

Moving on.

We just decided that we'll go pick raspberries this Sunday. The farm said it is slow picking for blueberries until the first week of August. Found out that the blueberry farm doesn't use pesticides. Some part of the farm grows wild blueberries.

By the time we pick the blueberries, my husband's long awaited food dehydrator (my bad!) will be here! We can dry these fruits. :)

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Busy as a honey bee....

Well, all I can say is that we got everything in the garden about a month and a half ago, got the straw down as weed control measure about 2 weeks ago. I am just being really slow at updating this blog.

We also put straw down on the bed under the back deck, and on the bed along the fence by the driveway. It really helps us cutting down weeding time.

Which I finally did last Thursday night. :P

Most of the plants currently have flowers, if not fruits.

What else has been going on? Hmmm.. jams, jams and more jams.

We made strawberry and strawberry rhubarb freezer jams a few weeks ago.

We got more strawberries. So we preserved some strawberry and kiwi jam. I managed to haul out my hot water bath canning pot and preserved the jams. While I was at it, I also did a few jars of cherry nectarine jam. Or maybe I should call it cherry nectarine syrup? It's not runny. It's thick enough but it would be more suitable for pancakes, french toasts or waffles sauce. My husband can testify that it is good!

A few jars of strawberry kiwi jam and a few jars of cherry nectarine syrup.

Why cherry nectarine?

Well, we picked the sour cherries from our neighbors' trees. As is our routine every summer. To make sour cherry jam, I needed 4 lbs pitted cherries. I had only 3 pounds pitted cherries. I happened to have a few nectarines on hand. Why not? So I just chopped up the nectarine, enough to make up 4 lbs of fruit total. And we have the syrup with fruit chunks in it.

What else?

My middle child turned 4 last week. His birthday fell on a weekday this year, so we had a family gathering on the following Saturday.

On his actual birthday, I made a SMALL cake. 8' square pan. I cut the cake in half when it was cooled, and I got this.

It was just the right size for the four of us. The baby didn't eat the cake. He didn't need to. Sorry, baby.

My son requested a fire truck cake for his birthday. We looked at a lot of fire truck cakes on the internet and we picked one from Betty Crocker website. Of course, he looked at more afterwards and changed his mind but this mom wasn't listening. *I* got my sight set on this one. Because it had a template. And it was easy to follow!

My daughter said, "It's a pink fire truck! It's for a girl!" Yes, well, I wasn't about to use a whole tube of red food coloring. It was alarming as it was the amount that I used to get that pink. :D

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