Halfway done

We've started cleaning out the garden. Yesterday and today, my husband has been slowly digging out the sweet potatoes. We planted only two starters. They ended up taking up a good third of the whole garden. Here's a picture of one of the sweet potatoes that he dug out:

We have a few big ones. I think we got a pretty good crop of it this year.

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Haven't updated in a while

Time got away from me. It's sprinting and I am barely able to crawl.

The pregnancy is going well. Going into 26th week. So close to the third trimester. :)

I am still busy sewing. I don't think I have stopped since I first started selling the diapers. Everyime I thought, after this order, I'll have some free time, another order came in. I am not complaining, mind you. Just telling it as it is.

I have also been knitting a lot of things for the baby, and for my friends' upcoming babies. One is already born last week, another in 1 week, another in 2.5 weeks etc, etc, etc. It's pretty cool. All these friends are having babies the same time I am. Too bad they live far away.

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