More diapers were sent out

I had a non-stop diaper orders for the past couple of months. Alhamdulillah. Here's a few that are completed and already being used by the babies and toddlers now.

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An update, finally, eh?

Life has been a TAD bit hectic lately. I haven't got a chance to update this blog. A lot was going on. All good things.

We picked more and more tomatoes off the garden. Our neighbor helped a lot with picking, too. He offered since he knew it is Ramadan and I am pregnant. He figured we wouldn't be working in the garden much at all. He was right. I haven't set foot much in the garden. I am trying to take it easy with harder physical activities. With all these modern conveniences, I am pretty disgusted at myself that I can't drag myself to work in the garden. I wonder how those pioneer women did it.


We had all these tomatoes. Easily a few bushels of roma, celebrity and grape. So far we have canned 18 quarts and 4 pints of chopped tomatoes, 6 pints of marinara sauce, and 8 half-pints of pizza sauce. We have another bushel to go through. That's be tomorrow's chore.

One of the picks.

Some of the diced tomatoes.

Some of the dried grape tomatoes.

Some of the diced tomatoes and pizza sauce.

We've also enjoys the fresh eggplants from out garden. We've made eggplant parmesan, and curries with eggplants. We've used a head of cabbage in a fried noodle dish. I am planning of freezing pre-made eggplant parmesan for later use.

Eggplant parmesan

Dinner with fresh veggies from the garden; zucchini, green pepper and grape tomatoes.

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