Got a few things done

On Sunday, I was teaching my husband how to bottle the tomatoes. It went well. We picked the celebrity and roma tomatoes from the vine and immediately prepared them for canning. We got 4 quarts of canned tomatoes from this batch.

I have shipped these to the customer:

The customer loved them and put in another order of 8 small fitteds and 12 large fitteds.

Finished the rainbow baby blanket:

Time to start another baby project.

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Quickly before I go to my sewing machine

The grape tomatoes needed to be harvested. A lot of them are ripe and there are still vines on orange ones out there.

Tonight's harvest.

There are a few more green peppers ripening, too. Fajitas? Yes!

Yesterday, Sarah and I picked yarns for our baby blanket. She picked rainbow colors. I started crocheting the blanket last night and so far, this is what I got:

Why don't I crochet more? It's SO quick!

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