We went to Rowe's Farm in Belleville for strawberry picking. It was for $1.49 per pound. We picked 11 pounds. It is nearing the end of the season though, so I doubt we are going to get another chance to go and pick more.

We froze half of it. Those are for smoothies. My husband made two pudding pies with strawberries toppings. We gave one to our neighbor. I used 6 cups to make refrigerator jam. That container will get eaten up fast.

We have a big bowl of strawberries left in the fridge. We'll eat those. The kids have been munching on them every chance they get. They are so sweet!

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Our garden is doing well. Things are growing. The cucumbers are already flowering. We have several tomato plants already bearing fruits. So do the bell pepper plants.

I love my lilies!

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Finished another custom order today; 15 newborn fitteds. Shells and soakers are all white flannel. We added colorful snaps to the diapers. It's simple but cute!

I have 5 newborn pockets with 10 inserts to finish ASAP. Then maybe I can restock my Hyena Cart.

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A cousin ordered training pants for her son. I finally got them done on Friday night. The prints are so cute!

I hope they fit well.

I am in the middle of knitting a baby gift for a close friend of mine. It's really quick knitting since it uses bulky weight yarn.

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As for gardening

We are almost done with the garden. Husband dug the trenches for the potatoes today. If it's not flooded by the rain tomorrow, we'll finish it up.

We're getting another roll of the isle runner for another three isles. It's working out great so far. It lets water gets to the ground, but stops the weed and grass from coming through. Less weeding!

Speaking of weeding, I found a natural solution to kill weed. I don't like using Roundup because of the chemical getting too close to the veggies. This natural solution involves lots of lemon juice and vinegar. I am going to make a batch one of these days and start attacking the weeds.

Once the potatoes are in the ground, we can sit back and enjoy watching the plants growing.

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Been a bit busy to update this journal

On last Friday, I finished an order of 5 one size pocket diapers. The customer wanted them with plain PUL with hook and loop tape.

She said if these go well, she may order some more. Oh, I hope they work well. My only concern with all my diapers is if they leak. Then what?
So far, thank God, no reports of leaks yet.

Then yesterday, I finished this:

The customer mailed me the cute fabrics. Originally, Rudolph didn't make the cut. He was too cute to be left out of the diaper, so I cut that piece from the remnant and sewn it to the back of the diaper. The customer is due in December. Hence the Christmas theme of the fabrics. :)

I got another great review from my third customer. I made her these:

This is what she had to say today;

" I LOVE THE POCKETS! They are absolutely fabulous. Easy to "load" and they come clean very nicely. I also think that the fit is great. They have enough rise (he is long and skinny) and are still able to be tight at the legs. No blow outs! And they do not leave marks on his legs either :)"

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