The other half will be there tomorrow

I sent out the last 15 diapers to the customer.

She gave birth to a baby boy already and this is what she said about diapers that I sent to her last week:

"The diapers that I have are perfect."

She told her friend in North Carolina about my diapers and she thinks her friend is going to order some. Hooray!

Also, today I heard from my first customer. She bought the first diaper I sold back in January. She loves the diaper and will be sad when the baby outgrows it. :D

Two good reviews in one day. Wonderful!

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Half planted

We've started on the main garden patch. We planted 5 rows on the southern half of the patch.

We have 1 row of 4 grape tomatoes, 1 row of 6 roma tomatoes plants, 1 row of 4 celebrity tomatoes. We planted 1 each of green, red and yellow bell peppers at the end of grape and celebrity tomatoes rows. The goal is to make a lot of spaghetti sauce, diced tomatoes and tomato sauce to can. The grape tomatoes freeze well so they can go in the freezer.

We have 1 row of dutch cabbage (4 plants), a row of brussel sprouts (4 plants) with 2 classic eggplants seedling at the end of the row.

The other half of the patch will have corn, potatoes, sweet potatoes, red onion, spaghetti squash, cucumbers, zucchinis and bean bush.

Other than that, the kids and I were busy cutting down the tulips from the front bed and planted several different flowers there. We also finished transplanting the herbs in pots.

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A brief breather

I sent out 15 diapers. The other half will go next week.

I am working on getting the rest of the order done, starting on 3 different orders, too. One came in this evening. This one should be a quick order. I think I am going to do it tonight and get it out tomorrow.

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Almost done

This is my sewing output this weekend:

Sewn over yesterday and today, in between trip to the library, gardening, playing with the kids and cleaning the house. Not too shabby. ;)

This is the whole order:

Husband and I stood back and looked at the pile and shook our head. That's a lot of diapers!

I told him that other that the two additional orders, I haven't received anything new this week.

Not 5 minutes after that, a friend from Malaysia sent an email, asking if I could make some for her child. Alhamdulillah.

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Diapers, diapers and more diapers.

I am finishing up sewing the 30 pockets tonight. Half of them already have snaps on. After this, I just need to focus on the inserts. Then wash, then ship. Done.

I have two orders to start on this coming Thursday; one order of 15 white flannel fitteds and 5 pockets, and another order of 5 one size pockets.

Business is doing good.

I am running out of fabrics again. I will need to reorder a couple of them soon. Last week, I ran out of several colors of snaps, and the label. I had to get more of those, and 15 yards of white flannel for the upcoming order. It's cheaper to buy it by the bolt.

Speaking of getting fabrics, JoAnn now carries PUL. But holy cow, it's expensive to get it there. I am glad for co-ops!

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Today's activities

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Let the sowing begin!

Tomorrow we will till our garden patch. It'll be expanded to another 15' long.

We can't wait to start planting stuff!

Today, we did start planting stuff. Remember a while back I mentioned that our daughter is going to have her own garden strip this year. We were going to make a raised bed for her. We tossed that idea out of the window. We gave her the strip along the garage. We had our herb garden there for the past few years. From now on, our herbs are going to be in pots, on the "greenhouse" shelves. This is so we could have fresh herbs all year round.

This morning, we went to this place where this lady sold the seedlings flats. My daughter picked the things she wanted to plant. We gave suggestions, but she decided on her own. The first thing she picked was 2 cubes of marigold; yellow and orange. OK. Then she picked a cube of red snapdragon. I think that's the name. I am not good at remembering flowers. She wanted to plant tomatoes, but the place did not have grape tomatoes. We'll do that later.

She has been eating a lot of salad. We suggested maybe she can plant a few plants that go in a salad. So she got lettuce and cucumbers. We have carrots seeds that she could use. She also picked broccoli.

A full garden bed for a six years old.

Anyway. We cleaned out the strip. Everyone chipped one. Even my almost 3 year old son, with his dump truck. He helped transferring the soil around. ;)

Then, my husband showed our daughter what to do. It was great watching them working together. She loved it! When they were done, she cleaned up. Then she stood in front of her garden bed and sang the plants a lullaby. Huh?

She said the plants need a lot of loving. That's why she was singing to them. :D

Pictures coming up next.

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Did I write about this before?

I don't remember. Maybe I have.

It's about lamb. About how to take away the gamey taste of the meat.

I used to not like lamb. You can't pay me enough to taste venison, elk, and whatever else meat out there. I don't like gamey taste of certain meat.

The thing is, my husband LOOOOOVES lamb. And mutton. Except I can't find mutton here. Me, on the other hand, used to not like the after taste of lamb. I felt like there was a coating of lamb fat wrapping around my tongue every time I took a bite of his lamb dish.

Then, a couple of months ago, I decided to give it a try. We went to an Indian restaurant and the waitress accidentally ordered a lamb biryani for me. I wasn't going to hassle her about it so I gave it a try. What the heck? No gamey taste to the lamb. I decided to try my husband's dish; lamb rogan josh. No gamey taste either.

I was curious. Maybe if I could learn to take that awful taste off, I could learn to like lamb.

I googled and googled "how to remove gamey taste on meat".

It was really simple. I just needed to soak the meat in buttermilk, yogurt or if I don't have these two, plain milk would do. They said to soak them for a few hours. I have been doing it overnight. Plus, if I soak them in buttermilk, the milk will tenderized the meat.

If you toss a lamb chop to me, I'll run away. But if you give me an Indian dish of lamb, I'll take it.

I have lamb rogan josh simmering on the stove as I type this entry.

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Busy sewing

I made another sun dress for my daughter. It has a bit more shape to it, unlike the pillowcase dresses that I made her before. I use a pretty ribbon for straps and a border across the chest.

Then on Saturday, I spent about 4 hours (a lot of getting up and playing with the kids in these 4 hours) making diapers for the big order. I got all these in the photo done on Saturday. I have a few diapers completed on Sunday and yesterday that I didn't take photos of.

I almost have enough money put aside from the diapers sales for a good serger! That'd make a lot of difference when it's time to make inserts. It will save me a lot of minutes.

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A bit overwhelming

These 6 are going out today.

This is 1 out of 30:

The customer and I decided on the this design to save some money. It's a newborn and small size diaper in one. That way she'll have a longer period of time to use them. If she bought them all in newborn, she'll maybe get a month's use?

These two orders were received on Sunday and Monday.

When I was at the gym last night, I received an email. Another referral. She's interested in ordering custom fitteds with hook and loop tape. I had to ask her to wait another week to order so I can get headways with the one order I have.

When I got home, right after I replied to the above lady's email, another email came in from yet another referral! Wow! Whoever is sending customers my way, THANK YOU!!!! This one has possible 15 fitteds and 3 pockets. I also had to ask her for another week before placing an order.

I hope I don't chase them away, but I have to be honest about the timing. I did tell them I have a day job, too, so my sewing time is shorter than I like.

I have 40 diapers orders this week so far.

Wow, this is going a hell of a lot better than I had expected.

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The budding artist

My daughter seems to have a creative streak in her. She especially likes drawing and painting with water colors. She doesn't like crayon much. She just likes to doodle. We could go through a ream of paper a day if we let her take the papers freely.

These are the drawings she did yesterday.

I love how she drew the fish. A lot better than I can. :)

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Strawberry chocolate swirl.

At least that's what my daughter's dress reminds me off. I found these fabrics on remnant shelves a few months ago. About time I used them for something.

I finished it this mornin without the sash and the straps. I went to WalMart and found an unused spool of ribbon. It turned out that it was also on 50% off (they're closing their fabric department so almost everything is 50% off). So I got 10 yards of nice thick pretty ribbon for $2.56. Not bad.

It turned out really nice! I adjusted the sundress pattern that I used before. I shortened the arm hole, split the body to two sections. The lower section's cuts were a bit wider so I could gather the top to have a ruffled look.I added the sash as an afterthought. The sash makes the dress looks trimmer, not just like a potato sack. :D

She loves it. I love it.

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I suppose it's worth it?

To buy spools of neutral color thread in bulk? I bought three spools last week and already halfway through spool number 2. Maybe I'll keep an eye on JoAnn's 50% sale on thread spools. I'll buy a whole lot then.

Yesterday was a full day of sewing and a bit of gardening. I planted two types of lettuce seeds in a big pot on the deck. I also planted the seeds for rosemary and chives in two medium pots. I put these in the greenhouse shelves. That's where they'll stay so I can have them fresh during colder seasons.

Sewing. I had two cuts of fabrics for more skirts. I cut one of them and finished sewing it yesterday morning. The same wraparound skirt concept. The difference is that my wraparound skirts don't have ties. The panels are sewn together so there's no danger of unwrapping the skirt. It can see accidents happening especially with curious 2.5 years old hands around me all the time. ;D

I have also sewn another hijab. It's the reverse of the colorful hijab; the colorful part wraps around the face and a deep purple jersey knit for the body. Pretty nice, if I may say so.

I've also gotten these all put together for shipping to Canada today:

I have pulled out boy/gender neutral fabrics that I have on hand for the huge order. She wanted either woven or knit cotton. I'll need to get more of boy prints in these types later.

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34 diapers to make

Gasp. I asked the customer if I could have 2 weeks to complete the order, though.

I have sewn 2 out of 34. I also finished a few more for the shelves.

Hyena Cart has been working well so far.

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