Desperately needed a skirt

I whipped up a skirt for myself this morning. I don't like to wear jeans all the time. Skirts are more comfortable.

I have this grey jersey knit fabric. Remember that whole 10 yards of it for cheap? Yeah, that one. I used some to make a hijab. This morning I used a bit more, about 1.5 yard to make a wrap skirt for myself. I don't have a pattern. I just measured my waist, hips and length for skirt. I free cut three panels. Sewn the panels together, sewn in 1" elastics and voila! I got myself a wraparound skirt.

I am wearing it at the moment. Sooooo comfortable.

I have two cuts of fabrics. Enough to make two more skirts like this. :D

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Not much

Been laying low these past few days. Kiddos are sick. One went back to school today so a bit of reprieve. My head feels like it's going to explode anytime now. Netipot treatments are not working yet. We'll see if it will. Neither do Sudafed nor Mucinex. I'll give it a couple more days.

Needless to say, other than making dinner, nothing else is happening. I am waiting for an order from a mama. She was referred to me by another customer, who was referred by another customer! Words of mouth if powerful, folks. I hope it continues going on positively.

There are more tulips blooming. I had forgotten that we planted a few tulips by the back deck. They're out and about to bloom. The lilies are all sprouting. Pretty cool to see. The berries shoots are growing, too. So we haven't killed those yet. A progress.

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Moody Sunday

Still feeling sick. Take that and combine it with rain, you get a slow and sleepy day.

I finished half of the custom order I received yesterday. Will probably sew the other half tonight. If I'm not zonked out by Nyquil.

Making ottogi for dinner. Korean vegetable pancake. Well, I add the veggies in in. They usually make it with either green onions or red bell pepper. Dip it chili (as in hot pepper) sauce, rolled omelette on the side and we have a filling dinner.


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Change of plan

Hyena Cart is the place to look for cloth diapers and such on the internet world. One of my customers adviced me to open my store on HC.

I took her advice.

Spread the word. Direct people who are looking for diapers, covers and wipes to my store on Fun For Tots @ Hyena Cart.

I will link my current website to Hyena Cart soon.

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Today in bullet points

  • Finished all custom orders.

  • Received 2 orders of 5 diapers total

  • The adults and the youngest in the household are sick.

  • Lentil soup with smoked turkey kielbasa for dinner

  • When the hell is it going to get a bit warmer? I am freezing right now.

  • Is it Friday, yet?
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    Waiting for the best deal pays off

    In this case, at least.

    We have been looking to buy a gas grill for the past year or so. Never really made the plunge to get one.

    Last month, I finally buckled down and wanted to get one this year. We have been looking at sales and trying to get the best deal we could get. We found a couple but of course, the stores closer to us didn't have them in stock. The store in next town didn't deliver grills. Blech.

    Anyway. We have a friend who will be moving to a different state this summer. Him and his family and downsizing their homestuff drastically.

    He has the grill we were looking at; a Kenmore, 3 burner grill. He gave it to us for 1/4 of the price.

    Excellent! I guess hesitating and not wanting to spend money do pay off sometimes.

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    Finished one order

    I haven't reread the past entries and memories aren't that reliable nowadays. I received three custom orders last week; an order of two diaper covers, one of eight newborn pocket diapers and one of three large size pockets diapers (from Malaysia!).

    I finished the covers last week. I'm waiting for the snaps to come in. I ran out of several colors.

    I finished the 8 pockets today. I need to finish the inserts but the main work is done. Yay!

    I'll start on the three large pockets tonight then work on the inserts.

    My father-in-law asked how many diapers I have sold so far. I tallied the numbers today and I have made and sold 95 diapers and covers.

    Huh. Didn't seem like it.

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    A couple of pictures

    We have tulips! We never had tulips in our garden before.


    Finish diaper number 2 last night.

    The customer picked very cute fabrics. I can't wait until the other ones are completed.

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    Busy week for sewing

    It's been a busy week. At my day job and at my side job. Or maybe it just felt like I was always busy because I had to stop in the middle of doing something, sneezed my head off, scratched my eyes and blowed my nose, frequently.

    Damn pollen.

    Or not. Because of this

    What a pretty sight!

    Anyways, this week I received 3 orders; an order of 2 PUL newborn diaper covers with snaps, an order of 3 large size pocket diapers from my friend in Malaysia (!!! It's so cool!) and an order of 8 (?!) newborn pocket diapers from a previous customer.

    I have completed the diaper covers tonight.

    I cut 3 out of 8 pockets. Sewed one tonight:

    I usually use alova suede for the inner layer. This time I use organic bamboo velour. The reason is it stretches, unlike alova suede. It will be handy when it's time to stuff the diaper. All eight diapers will only have the openings on the back, not on both ends.

    I'll have another busy sewing weekend. :D

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    Relaxing while sewing

    Since it's one of my favorite things to do, I could relax while sewing. I have to admit though that sometimes it feels like doing chores. Not this time.

    Yesterday, I finally cut and sew a skirty soaker from a pattern I bought from Wired Up Designs. The pattern includes sizes newborn to extra large. I made one extra large skirty. It fits my toddler son well(poor boy, he has to be the model for trying out girls' stuff for size). So this size can fit 2 to 3 years old toddlers.

    Tonight, I cut out 8 sets of panty liners/light days pads for myself. These are from my new design. I finished sewing four out of eight. They are made from flannels outer and one layer of fleece inside.

    Tomorrow, we'll be having fun,relaxing with the kids at a waterpark south of where we live. It's our spring break vacation. I am wondering if playing all day in the water would really be relaxing? I'm sure it is in its own way. ;-)

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    Made a couple and planned a thing

    First off, I finished these two diapers tonight. They're listed.

    My husband and I have been talking about making a small patch of garden for our daughter. She is six and she could start learning to take care of her own garden. We planned about it tonight. We think a raised bed patch, about 3'x12'. About a week ago, we asked her what she would like to plant. She gave a long list of vegetables and fruits that she'd like to have. We'll put together the raised bed when the time is right and start the seeds at the same time.

    She's excited. We're excited for her. :)

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    Things I finished sewing yesterday

    Small size PUL diaper covers.

    2 small diapers and 1 newborn diaper.

    My own hijab.

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    Productive enough

    We have productive weekend, I think.

    We finally put up the greenhouse shelving unit today and will put the seeds trays on there tomorrow morning.

    I have cut 10 diapers and 2 diaper covers. I have sewn the covers and 1 diaper. I just got back from the gym. I'll take a little break then will try to sew a couple more.

    I made one hijab for myself. I copied the pattern from a hijab I bought. It fits great. My daughter wants me to make some for her, too.

    I'll take pictures and list them up for sale tomorrow. When I can find a bit of free time tomorrow. Concrete season started last week, and I couldn't find enough time during the day on Thursday and Friday to do my thing. Calls after calls, estimates after estimates. But I am not complaining. It's excellent that the business is already busy at the start of the season.

    I baked bread this weekend. Haven't done that in a couple of weeks. So that's good. Whatever dinners I made for yesterday and today were all finished The kids like salmon and wild rice, and my son likes the steak that we had. So... all gone.

    Which means, I will have to figure out dinner for tomorrow night.

    I think I'll do beef stroganoff. We have the ingredients on hand. Which means, I have to take out the meat out of the freezer.

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    Why do I say it's Spring?

    Because these flowers are blooming.

    The crocuses.

    Can't wait until the tulips and daffodils bloom.

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    No dryer needed

    I am happy that sunny and breezy days are here. Hopefully to stay. It's supposed to be nice for the rest of the week.

    Which means the heat is off and the dryer can get a break from hard work. I have 2 loads of laundry on the line at the moment. Some are dried already.

    While I was hanging the clothes, our neighbor came by for a chat. We were talking gardening. He'd like us to help him start his garden this spring and summer. We have always shared our harvest with them and he, especially, loved the fresh tomatoes. So he'd like to plant some. He asked me what should he do? I said we were going to start the seedlings this weekend since the greenhouse tower is here. We'll start extra seedlings for him, too.

    His son hasn't been around much; college and house sitting for a church member. But he will till our garden when the time comes. We expanding again to accommodate 3' space between the planting rows.

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