Cleared the list

I finally finished the list of things to do I made yesterday. I have a batch of laundry soap made, 2 loaves of sweet bread cooling, the packages shipped and the master bedroom cleaned. My husband even did his part of cleaning the master bedroom; hauling the bigger stuff either up to the attic or the garage. The room looks huge without all the junk in it now.

I made lamb rogan josh for dinner. It's been simmering for a couple of hours. I am hoping the lamb cutlets will be tender by the time we sit down and eat dinner. There's a new halal market opened recently nearby our house. This store sells fresh meat! Very nice. Dearborn isn't that far but here, you usually get frozen lamb meat. I got meat that was fresh yesterday. It's great. Anyhow.... I have a big pot of rice cooking on the stove. We have company today.

I also made three batches of hummus. All of us love hummus. My daughter could live on it. I made enough to fill 2 quart containers. I think I'll pack some for her school lunches.

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Listed two more pockets

I finished these last night while watching Ohno almost lost the silver medal on relay race.

I have posted these up for sale.

Now that the Olympic is over, maybe I'll spend more time sewing.

Things to do today
1) Clean, clean, clean!

We're moving into the master bedroom. The plan is to transfer our closet stuff over to the master bedroom over the weekend. We're making our current room into a guest/craft room. The room's closet will be my craft closet. I need it badly. I have fabric and yarn EVERYWHERE!

2) Bake bread.

3) Make more laundry soap.

4) Ship out a couple of things to customers.

It looks like another busy day. Maybe I'll do all these things, or maybe I'll just take naps and ignore everything else.

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My goal was to sell 3 diapers a week. If I get to sell 3 diapers a week, I am happy.

I sold 9 this week! I am all out of diapers now. It's time to sew more. :D

Hence my trip to JoAnn's and scouting online deals on knit fabric. I have lots of knit fabric on hand now. I also have a lot of flannels and woven coton. I want to try and stick with knit fabric for most diapers. The flannel and woven cotton aren't stretchy so they have limited snap settings on a diaper.

I cut 4 pocket diapers in small last night. I guess I'll have a busy weekend with sewing.

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Good smells wafting in the air

We have been out of oil, sugar and brown sugar for a while. My son and I stepped foot in the store today to get those things. Plus a couple of other things.

I baked two large loaves of Amish Friendship breads. Those baking breads are what making the home smells warm and cinnamon-ny.

We'll have biscuit chicket pot pie tonight. I have shredded 3 cups of roasted chicken. I am thawing a bag of cut green beans and a bag of carrot and peas mix. I just need to make a batch of biscuit mix. I'll mix the chicken, the veggies, and 1/2 cup of low sodium gravy, salt and pepper, and whatever other spices I feel like putting in when the time comes and spread the mix in a baking pan. Then I'll spread the biscuit mix over the chicken mixture. Bake at 350F until the biscuit mix is brown and the pot pie is bubbling.

I don't have Tabasco in my fridge but I do have Red Hot hot sauce. I suppose that'll do to go with my pot pie dinner.

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No more pockets available

I sold the last 3 pockets that I have in small size.

I better get busy making more pocket diapers. I'd like to get knit fabric for those so they'd be more stretchy. :D

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May these go fast

These are the diapers I finished last night.

They're up for sale. I hope they'll go fast.

I have to figure out what to make for dinner. We had homemade pizza last night. Maybe I'll make something Malay tonight.

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Girlie set and boyish set

I got the fitted diapers in small done. I'll post the photos tomorrow. The girls set is so cute! The fabric, that is.

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I'll be busy tomorrow

I finished putting on the snaps for the diaper covers I made yesterday. I can put those away now.

While my husband read to the kiddo at bedtime, I managed to cut six small size fitted diapers. These diapers have either cotton flannel or woven cotton for outer, a hidden layer of fleece and terry cotton, and either penne suede or flannel for inner layer.

I have two sets of diapers. 3 diapers in a set. One set has animal themes and the other set has a super girly theme.

I also finally ironed the other car fabric for my son's bedsheet, and cut the corner.

These all will be ready for sewing tomorrow. We should have a quiet day tomorrow so I could focus on finishing this portion of my project.

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Slowly adding to our collection

Last week, I cut eight fleece diaper covers. I didn't get to them until tonight. I finished the newborn and small fleece diaper covers.

So now we have 10 newborn diaper covers and 8 pockets. I have 4 small diaper covers and 1 pocket. I need to cut out more fleece and make more cover and pockets. I am not planning on making many more pockets for newborn size. They grow so fast at that age, it's not worth it. That's why I am making a lot of diaper covers. We have infant prefolds we can use with those. I will make more pockets for small and medium. Someday... hah!

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Order completed for Smith

I finished the other half of the custom oder for Mrs. Smith. She picked cute fabrics for the fitted diapers.

I am including a fleece diaper cover for free.

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Soak 'em in buttermilk

or Arabic yogurt drink. That's the method, I was told, to get rid of the gamey taste in lamb.

We're having lamb biryani for dinner tonight. I have the lamb leg cuts soaking in yogurt drink at the moment. I need to cut up potatoes and wash the rice. After that I can start cooking the biryani. I can't wait. It's one of my favorite food. Hubby, too.

I have a loaf of cinnamon sweet bread baking in the oven at the moment. The bread starter is growing like crazy. I need to use them. It's ok because all four of us, fortunately, like this bread. They get devoured pretty fast.

I've finally cut the fitted diapers fabrics this afternoon. I'll be sewing them tonight. The lady has already received the first three and she said she loved them. I am glad she loved the diapers. So far, all my customers like what they received from me. That's positive and encouraging to push me forward!

She picked these fabrics for the current three:

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The monkeys, the frogs and the bees

in medium sizes are sold tonight. Yay!

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I hope we're back to routine

I'll put in two things that I managed to do today.

I was able to carve out a time in the afternoon to sew a dress for my daughter. I have been looking online for a free sundress pattern, and I found several. This pattern by Miss F is the first of many I'd like to try making for her.

Unfortunately, I don't have enough yardage to make the dress knee length. At this point, the dress ends right above her knees. She won't be wearing it for long. Oh, well.

It is a very simple pattern. Very easy and quick to make.

Homemade food
Hooray.... second day in cooking homemade dinner. I am getting a bit fed-up with take outs.

Tonight's dinner will be baked lemon garlic turkey breast, steamed rice and broccoli. They're all baking/steaming in the oven at the moment.

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Lentil soup with beef bratwurst

I need to make something warm and hearty for today's lunch and dinner. I don't eat soup that much because I don't prefer it.

However, I love lentil soup.

So, that is what we'll be having for today's meals. A middle eastern lentil soup recipe with brats added to it, served with pita bread and salad.

I sauteed 1 medium onion, chopped, with quartered and sliced beef brats. Removed excess grease. Add chopped 3-4 chopped garlic. Add 2 chicken bouillon cubes, 2 cups of red lentils, and water (as much as I needed). I added ground black pepper, a pinch of salt (the brats and the bouillon would have plenty of salt), and cumin. Now, it's simmering on the stove.

I am hungry.

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Other than staying glued to the TV watching people do amazing things, even suicidal things, on NBC all day, I did manage to get a couple of things done yesterday.

Sweet bread
I have amish friendship bread starters. I took a cup out of the bag and made two loaves of sweet bread. The starter is growing just fine. Tomorrow is the 10th day for this bag, so I could feed it and grow it some more. I have three bags of starters in the freezer, in case this one dies.

I mentioned two days ago that my son and I bought a cut of fabric for his bedsheet. I did get to finish it last night during speed skating.

Putting the elastic on.

It fits his bed just so. I guess I won't be buying sheets from the store for this bed anymore.

He was thrilled this morning, pointing out to the different vehicles on his bed. :)

I cut out 8 fleece cover diapers last night. I finished sewing two of the eight. I'll sew the rest later today. I can start cuting the other 3 fitted diapers for a customer, too. She has picked the fabrics she wanted.

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Fitted bed sheet

While my husband accompanied my daughter to her school's annual daddy-daughter dance tonight, I took my son to JoAnn. The goal was to find a cut of fabric to make his bed sheet. The sheets that we have are about 6 years old and constantly in use and washed every other day or so. They are starting to fall apart.

I took my son to get the fabric because for one, we were killing time before I have to go pick up my people at the school. Two, since it would be his bedsheet, I figure he could pick his own sheet. Sure enough, he picked a blue fabric with emergency vehicles printed on it. There were maybe 5 or 6 fire trucks and cars fabric in that isle alone. He went bonkers. We settled with this one.

I'll try to sew the sheet this weekend. I also got several half yards of fleece to make diaper covers for our own stash and for a couple of other people.

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Not so frugal

The past two weeks have been a bit sluggish for us. I don't cook much at all. Between flu, cold, clinics, ER visit, we just don't have the time nor the energy to cook much. Canned soup, ordering take outs, fast food. Though all for dinners. We still make our own food for lunch. Quick lunches like sandwiches or just slices of cheese, or hot dogs. I ended up getting to the store a few times to stock up on convenient food; frozen chicken nuggets, hot dogs, bread (yes, I baked only once, maybe twice this past two weeks), yogurt drinks and boost, cheese and nuts. Something that won't take much to grab something quick to eat.

I am not even going to tally how much money we spent on take outs. It's not worth stressing over. Obviously we need it.

Now, if only I can start gong back to the gym again and get some semblance of balance in my life. That'd be great. All those take outs left me feeling a bit sluggish. Or maybe that's the bug that going around and around that does that? Yeesh..

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For Mrs. Smith

I completed half of the custom order yesterday. People in this household are sick like dogs, so I am not able to be more productive.

I will mail these out tomorrow.

She will pick out the fabric for the other three and then I will make them as well.

I hope she will like the diapers and will find them useful. :)

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Thank you, lady!

I just a custom order for six diapers! I am excited. I am breaking $200 sales mark faster than I thought. :D

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Another international sale

A person from Thailand bought my fitted diapers. She has already paid, so I will mail them on Monday.

She bought these:

I have two more sets of 3 diapers in a pack up for sale. If those sell as well, I'll pass my $200 mark. What a feeling!

UPDATE: 11:50pm - Just got an email from a potential customer. She said she was planning on buying the above set but somebody else bought it before she could put it in the cart. So... she was hoping that maybe I could make a few for her. YES!!!! Definitely I will. :D

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Score a great car seat

We've been looking at getting a compact car seat for our son. We plan on adding another child to the family in the future. We aren't planning on trading our car for a minivan. Therefore, we need compact carseats so we can fit three kids in the car.

We've looked and looked. We found two options; a Combi Coccoro or a Sunshine Kids Radian. They both received great safety ratings, and they both are made for fitting 3 seats across in the backseat of a compact car. Both of them are in the $200+ range per seat. Ugh... but it's still a lot cheaper than getting a van. So I bite the bullet and started looking for 2 car seats.

We searched for sales. I didn't find a sale for Radian that fell below $200 for a while. Last week, I found a sale for Coccoro for $159. Even though I was leaning towards Radian for my son, I bought the Coccoro. My son picked the orange one, from several color options.

It came and installed in the car. My son has sat in it several times. It is ok for a short ride. He's almost outgrowing it! Sigh.. so I had to look around for Radian. We weren't planning on getting the second seat for a while yet since we don't have any reason to.

Radian is build more for taller and broader kids. Coccoro is built more for smaller kids.

So, OK, for now, we'll save the Coccoro for later use. I started searching again for a Radian on sale. I checked on eBay. Someone is selling a new Radian for $189. Hey! A good start.

Then I went to a forum. Someone posted a sale notice at They're selling the Radian 65 for $119! I hurried over, put one in cart. I also have a discount code for the website. I got another $7 off.

We bought the Radian for $112.99 total. It has free shipping. That's about 50% off.

A big score! :D

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6 more covers

Got some free time this afternoon. Cut the fleece that I have in my collection and I sew six more newborn diaper covers for our stash.

I am getting the hang of sewing FOE after the second cover. It all lays on how I position the needle of the FOE. Heh... quite simple actually.

Our newborn diaper collection is growing. Once this collection is completed, I'll move on to the small size.

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2 sizes

I was busy sewing yesterday. It was a good session. I got 6 pocket diapers sewn and completed, and 1 newborn fleece diaper cover completed.

I have 3 smalls and 3 mediums listed for sale at the moment.

I made the diaper cover for ourselves. It's two layers of fleece, then sew the fold over elastic on the edges. It's my first time sewing with FOE, so it's not tidy. I need to practice. Which means, more sewing!

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Gearing up

I did get the PUL, alova and fold over elastics in the mail yesterday and this afternoon. Since I now have all that I need, I am gearing up to get busy sewing again.

I cut 6 diapers today; 3 small size and 3 mediums.

I am putting them up for sale as soon as I get them completed. I hope they will sell.

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A hint

I came downstairs this morning and found an empty preserve jar on the stove counter. I could take a hint.

I took out 2 bags of frozen raspberries from the freezer. I will make jam with them. The question is, will it turn out just as good if I used thawed out berries? Hmmm...

I guess we'll see.

UPDATE: The berries worked just fine. I have 3 containers of raspberry preserves cooling on the counter.

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I finished one skirt for my daughter yesterday. She tried it on this morning and it fits perfectly. It twirls!

I got the PUL in the mail yesterday. I can start making small size diapers now.

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