I saved about $10-$15 tonight

Earlier this week, we were running low on my son's disposable diapers. Thinking that I wouldn't be able to get to the store anytime soon, I dug out his cloth diapers to tie us over until I could buy more diapers.

Now, we used cloth diapers for the first few months after he was born. It got too much for me since I was also working full time from home at the time. There wasn't enough time for me to juggle everything.

Since I've used cloth diapers since a few days ago during the day, I am quite happy that we could do that again. We have some all-in-one diapers that have trains pictures so that made my son excited. I've gotten disposables since, but I think at the moment, we are going to try using cloth part time during the day. It's something. It'd save 3 to 4 diapers a day.

I have a couple of Fuzzi Bunz pocket diapers cover size large. I have been using the flat fold and prefold for inserts. They work just fine. I have several old towels that I can cut up to make inserts. I have only 3 pockets in my collection that can fit the boy. So, I got some fleece on remnants racks (70% off), some old T-shirts that we have and sew one pocket diaper tonight. I used on Fuzzi cover as a guide.

It took me one hour to sew one set and it cost $2.00. If I buy Fuzzi Bunz from the seconds outlet (imperfect), it'd cost between $12 to $14, without inserts. Brand new Fuzzi costs $17.95, at least.

Good savings!

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Waiting for the yarns

Friends of ours are expecting a baby. She's due in mid January. I didn't want to make another sweater or cardigan, because I have one that I still have to finished. ;P

I was browsing the blankets patterns and I really like the log cabin. It seems really simple but attractive to me.

I started on the blanket, using the Microspun yarn I found in my stash. I don't have enough colors though so I am waiting for the other colors to arrive in the mail.

So, I am back to knitting my jacket for the time being. I actually did a couple of rows on Cardigan for Merry this morning. I think if I can do even one row a day, it'll be done in no time. That's my goal.

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Hopefully this will help with the spambots attacks

I've modified the templates and added a security feature for leaving comments. We will see if you are a robot or a human. In another year, of course, whoever created those spam bots will probably figure out a way to get around this security measure too.

People sometimes are too smart for their own good.

Anyhow, I left the comment section open again. I am not expecting tons of comments, but if you want to, go ahead and leave me one.

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Baby Afghan for our kids

I was cleaning my big stash box and I found a bag of unfinished baby afghan. All it needed was 6 rows of borders and I was done. I started this afghan when I first started knitting seriously a few years ago. I think I stopped knitting because I got bored and I thought I needed to do more pattern rows to make it bigger.

Well, I found it today, laid it out on the floor and found out that it was already 48"x32". Big enough for a baby blanket. I knitted the border rows quickly and bind off.

It's done. It only took me a few years! :D

It is nice and heavy because I used double strands of yarn throughout the blanket. The kids have already claimed it.

Speaking of baby afghan, I am going start one for our friends. It will be log cabin pattern with the Lion Brand Micro Spun yarns I found in the big stash.

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Keeping my hands busy

Yesterday afternoon, I started two batches of applesauce almost as soon as I clocked out from work. It was quick and easy. We had some to eat and the rest is still in the crock pot. I am turning it to apple butter next. We finally used up a half bushel of macs and cortland that we picked. When mom and dad were here a couple of days ago, they left us a 1/2 bushel of empire. I'll make more apple sauce and will can them for cooking use later.

I am enjoying making the apple sauce and apple butter because the house smells so good!

In the mean time, the kids have been enjoying taking their own apples when they get hungry and munch on them. The smaller apples make great snacks for my daughter to take to school every day.

Other than homemade food stuff, I have been keeping my hands busy with knitting projects. I knit every day for hours on end. I have a lot of reading to do for work, so I knit while reading. Some simple knittings that do not require me to pay attention to the patterns. As a result, I got two pairs of infant mittens done. It took me an hour to knit one pair. They are very easy to make.

Another project that I keep on knitting is holiday gifts I am making for friends. Another simple project with four lines pattern. Easy easy. Another one I could do while reading.

Last year, my husband and kids gave me a box of Lion Brand Homespun yarns of two different colors. I found a long jacket that I'd like to have so I started on that a couple of days ago. I am using Gothic color. This jacket would be useful when I wear shorter T-shirts with jeans. It would definitely cover my hips when I am out in public. It is one of those self concious thingy. It is also more appropriate to not show much of my body shape when I am in public since I wear headscarf.

I have no idea when this jacket will be done, but at least I started. I do have lots of other small projects I can complete.

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I didn't make these

Our parents came for dinner last night and Adam finally got to wear his sweater that his grandmother made. It has a truck! It's a very warm sweater. He's thrilled that there is a truck on the kangaroo pocket. I didn't see his face but according to his dad and grandma, it was priceless when he discovered he could put his arms all the way to the other pocket opening. :D


Sarah has been wanting to be a witch for Halloween. She has been saying this pretty much daily since September. I finally went to the store today and bought the costumes for the kids. I was prepared to spend a maximum of $30 for both costumes. I got lucky. I managed to get the costumes for $20; $10 each. Adam and I found Sarah's witch costume that she would wear with a long sleeve shirt underneath and tights for sure. I put an Elmo and a fireman costume in front of Adam and he picked the fireman. Good deal because the Elmo one is a bit pricey. Comparing to the witch costume, the fireman costume would be warmer to wear.

Goofballs. :D

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Pink is my new obsession

I don't have enough red and black yarns to make Sarah's mittens to match her hat. I started to make her mittens with Knit Picks Wool of Andes in Carnation instead.

I finished one this morning. Sans the butterfly.

My daughter came home from school and tried it on after I convinced her to. She didn't want to because there wasn't a butterfly on it. Picky picky. So, I embroidered a butterfly on the back of one mitt.

I am halfway through the second mitt. The pattern is really easy and very quick to knit.

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Topi rama-rama

Butterfly hat. It's done. It fits just fine. She can start wearing them to school tomorrow if she wants to.

I am taking a nap after writing up this entry. We just got done cleaning out the garage plus I got only 2 hours sleep last night. There is a big empty space in the middle of the garage now. Most of the cabinets and the boxes neatly lined up against one wall. Lots of things to throw out this Tuesday.

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Fly fly away

Sarah's yarns came in the mail yesterday. I started the hat last night. This morning, after dashing around the house cleaning, I sat down for a rest and started on the fair isle part of the hat. Phew..... this pattern needs my attention because there is a lot of counting. I had to stop knitting mid morning since everybody else was already outside playing and working. I didn't want to miss the fun.

I love the colors combination. I am only using the pink sparsely. Sarah's favorite color is red. The butterfly is going to be red.

There's going to be a lot of pink yarn leftover. Maybe I can make a second set of mittens for her when I am done with this hat and mittens set. Maybe there will be enough black left over to go with the pink.

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Let's get some fresh air

It was a bit chilly this morning but we bundled up. We spend the morning working outside. There was a bit of sun and not much wind blowing so it was a perfect day to be outside.

The kids helped cleaning out the garden and planting the flower bulbs. Adam and Sarah had fun digging up the flower beds. We put all the tulip and crocus bulbs in the strip under the front porch, and in the strip under the back deck. I can't wait until this spring to see what they will look like.

We also finally finished cleaning up the vegetable garden. We harvested a few more veggies; cabbages, zucchinis, a few tomatoes and hot peppers. The highlight of the day was when hubby dug out the last potato plant. He dug and dug and there was not any potatoes appearing. We were about to give up and then he dug at another spot. We got potatoes. These were a lot bigger than the last ones we dug out.

The kids were excited. So were we. We will definitely do a long row of potatoes next year. We had half of the potatoes for dinner tonight and they were so good!

We also cleaned out the veggie pots we have on the deck. We have a bowlful of baby carrots. We cleaned them, and left the bowl on the counter. Sarah and Brian have been munching on them. I can't have raw carrots; they give me heartburn for some reason. Odd and it sucks.

We spent a good couple of hours outside, working hard. We treated ourselves to lunch at a restaurant after that. The topic of discussion at lunch table; what should we plant next year.

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'phant II

Adam has his mittens, and his hats on. I finished his mittens tonight. They're so cute, if I may say so... and look very warm. But what's more important is that he loves them! He has been wearing the one mitten while I knitted the other one on and off all day today.

I can't wait until Sarah's yarns get here. I want to get her hat and mittens done, too.

What shall I start next? Make more presents, I think.

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Keeping my hands occupied

I finished a couple of holiday gifts already. I will start on the other gifts and what not later.

I started on Adam's mittens. I am using the leftover yarn from his hat. I was thinking about putting one elephant on each mitten. The pattern calls for garter stitch for the hands, so I have to figure out if I really want to do that. I might just end up doing stripes. That's easy enough.

I ordered the yarn for Sarah's hat and mitten. I am just waiting for the order to get here so I can start on her stuff. It'll be black, red and light pink. Black and red will be great together. I am not so sure about the pink added in there but that's what she want. I guess we'll see how it would turn out.

Yeesh, my grammar is all over the place.

Yesterday we got our flower bulbs. Hooray! 130+ bulbs for $35. Not bad. Now we have to figure out where we want to put them. For sure there will be lots of flowers under the front porch. Probably some at the mailbox. Possibly some one the south side of the house by the lilacs.

We're having freezing temps at night this week. Next week is supposed to be nice, so will Saturday and Sunday. So I guess we'll be working on planting these bulbs this weekend? I have to do some readings on planting it in this weird weather. I hope it'll be okay.

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as Adam calls elephants. It's 'phant. I finished his hat tonight.

Another one that is fun to knit and it's very cute. This hat fits both Adam and Sarah. It's thick and warm. I think it will make a great winter hat.

I finished the hat before bedtime tonight. I took the kids up and got them ready for bed. Adam refused to take the hat off.

He's in bed with socks, shorts, no shirt and his elephant hat. :)

I am going to get more Knit Picks Wool of Andes yarns in different colors for Sarah's hat next. She wants butterflies on hers.

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A gift to myself

I finished my socks today. I am wearing it now. It's so comfy, soft and warm.

That was a fun and easy pattern to knit.

Next project will be a hat for my son. I hope he'll like it. It has elephants around the hat.

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20 minutes headband

I finally had the chance to put together the pattern for the headband. I got smarter (phhhhbt) this time and actually created a PDF file so if the server crashed again, I have another copy!

20-minutes Headband (PDF version)

Worsted weight yarn. This project is perfect for all those leftover yarns.
Size US10 straight needles.
Tapestry needle.

It is not important for this project. You can knit as tight or as loose as you’d like.

Cast on 10 stitches.
Knit in garter stitch until you reach the desired length to fit around your head (do this by testing the length when wrapping it around your head. Keep in mind that the band will stretch, so you may want to make it a bit shorter so it will stay put.)
Cast off when you have reached the length you needed. Leave a 10-inch when you cut the yarn.
Put the two ends together, and use the tail yarn to sew the ends close. Weave the end of the tail.

Turn it inside out and you have a headband!

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Goodbye for now, garden dear.

Since it's starting to frost at night, we are closing our garden for the year. Hubby cleaned out the garden over last weekend. He pulled out plants and put away the stakes and cages. We have a couple more cabbages out there but I'll pick them tomorrow.

I think we had another great year with our garden. The freezer is full to the brim with zucchinis, squashes and tomatoes. We have several jars of tomatoes in the pantry. We still have potatoes out there, too. I forgot about that. Ick.

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Where was I?

First day of October. We woke up to 29F this morning. I guess I better start knitting the hats and mittens for the kiddos. I got the yarns and patterns picked out. It's just that I have several other yarn projects going on right now.

I am halfway through the second sock. I'll be knitting the heel flap soon. It's almost done! The first sock fits lovely. I can't wait until this is done so I can wear it.

I started knitting a hand towel for our bathroom last night. It's orange. I am loving orange lately. Dunno why. I found this pattern on ravelry and it's one of the easiest, quick and pretty pattern that I've ever knit. It has 4 rows repetition pattern. Easy, easy, easy. The towel I am working on is going to be on the small side. It's more like a fingertip towel, not full hand towel.

I still have to finish one scarf.

I still have to finish the hood to Thomas baby cardigan.

I'll get to them.

Oooohhh..... when I got the yarns last week, I got myself a pair of straight needle size US5 from Knit Picks. It's the Harmony Wood. Love it! It's a beauty and a dream to knit with.

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