I made spicy rice cake stew tonight. We tried rice cake bedore and it was yummy. So I found another recipe for ddeokbokki and tweaked it.



1 can low sodium chicken broth
1 can water
4 tablespoon kochujang
2 tablespoon red pepper powder
2 tablespoon honey
1 teaspoon sesame oil
2 large cloves garlic, minced
1 carrot, julienned
1 medium size zucchini, julienned
1 medium size eggplant, julienned
1 serrano pepper, sliced
scallions, as needed/preferred
fish cakes, as much or as little as you would like
1 13oz bag of rice cakes
4 eggs
1 brick instant noodle
Salt as needed

Mix chicken broth, water, kochujang, red pepper powder, serrano pepper, honey, sesame oil and garlic in a pot. Heat the mixture. Put in rice cakes and fish cakes. Stir. Heat to boiling and lowe the heat to medium. Put in the vegetables, stirs. Cover and let it cook until the rice cakes are tender. Bring it up to slight boil and put in eggs. When the eggs are done, put in the instant noodle and cook until the noodle is ready. Serve.

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Tomatoes growing in bunches

The tomatoes are ripening quickly. We have a lot of cherry and grape tomatoes. The roma and celebrity tomatoes are growing in bunches. The bigger tomatoes are slowly turning color.


We've been picking the small tomatoes every two to three days. Each time, we picked about a gallon of them. Most of them goes in the freezer.



Speaking of freezing the tomatoes for cooking purposes later, this method turns out well. I took some of the frozen tomatoes the other day and put it in a recipe. The tomatoes survived the freezing just fine. Taste the same, the texture is the same.

I am glad someone told me about this.



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Lots of flour and sugar

To date, we've made 8 batches of zucchini bread.

That's a lot of flour, sugar, eggs and oil. Wooo....

We don't eat them all, mind you. We usually keep a couple of loaves for ourselves, and pass out the rest to family and friends.

There's not much going on in this household other than the kids growing up, working, gardening and working out at night. "Rinse and repeat" everyday. We were planning on going out to pick berries today after work, but we were too tired and decided to just stay at home. I don't know if we'll have time to pick berries later. Fasting month starts this Saturday, so I don't think we'll be doing any long activities out in the sun.

I am going to close this entry with a picture of sushi rolls I made for dinner with mom and dad on Monday night.


This makes me hungry.

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Finished one scarf

Lujayn's scarf is done.


This is a very simple pattern and it is very pretty. The only downside is I have to really pay attention on the pattern rows because otherwise, I'd be missing a stitch here or there.

I will start another one for Leen tonight.

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Second batch of tomatoes to freeze

These are what we picked today.


I put a batch of tomatoes in the freezer yesterday. I got about the same amount from the garden today. We'll put some in the fridge to eat, and the rest will go in the freezer.

I think I have to the same thing with the eggplants as with the zucchinis. There is about 8 more out there that'd be ready for picking in a couple of days.

I can't wait for the bigger tomatoes to turn red so I can start canning them. Our tomatoes supply from last year's harvest lasted a year. I wonder if we'll get that much this year since we didn't plant as many big tomatoes this year.

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We have more room to freeze

We finally got our freezer today. It's not huge; just big enough to meet our needs. We've already transferred most of the fridge's freezer content to it and there's still a lot of room for us to freeze more veggies.

Speaking of which, we need to pick the small tomatoes and freeze them. They'll be good for cooking later on. I also need to make more zucchini parmesan and zuchhini/squash cut ups to freeze.

I went grocery shopping after we came home from getting freezer. I think I got enough frozen food to last at least two weeks. We certainly have enough veggies to last that long. Oh, the freedom of being able to get things while they're on sale and not having to think where to put them.

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Using what we have in the fridge

We still had a bit more blueberries; more than we could eat. We've been snacking on it. I used them up today to make another batch of jam. I got two pints today. The jars are sealed so they'll last for a while. I have four jars in stock. We were going to pick more berries today but it rained heavily so that plan got cancelled. It's worth it. Pick a lot of berries since it's cheap, and make jams. I probably could make enough jam to last almost a year.

Right. The big quart jar of cherry jam I made last month is already gone.

We have company this weekend. We made blueberry pancakes this morning and vegetable fried rice tonight. We used the berries we picked and all the veggies in our garden. It's an awesome feeling to us. We feel like we've accomplished something when the majority of the food on the table everyday come from our garden.

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Made some progress

I've joined all the pieces of Cardigan for Merry the other day. I am starting the hood. I'm doing it a row or two at a time. It's a bit confusing and I am just not paying that much attention to it.

I am halfway through Lujayn's scarf. It is a fun pattern to knit to, but if I don't pay attention, I'll be missing a stitch here and there.

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Blueberries Jam

I was ready to make blueberry jams today but I didn't have any pectin in the house. I googled blueberry jam without pectin and found this blog. It's really simple.

My Sister's Kitchen

I made it with 4 cups of crushed (I put the berries in the blender) blueberries and 4 cups of sugar. It gave me almost 3 pints of jam. The jars are cooling on the counter now.

I think this recipe is a keeper because 1) no pectin, 2) which makes it easy to make, 3) taste just as good.

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The first of the tomatoes for this season


We gave some of the grape tomatoes to our neighbor. He loves it.

I've used up the cucumber for tonight's dinner. We've been munching on the tomatoes all evening. It's so sweet.

I've picked one log of zucchini this afternoon. I am going to make zucchini bread tomorrow. We're having company tomorrow night. Plus the kids love it.

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Cardigan for Merry, continue

I've finished the second sleeve.

Now, I have to start knitting the hood. It's not as straight forward as I thought it would be. I have to knit from the front left panel, then pick up from one sleeve cap, continue knitting on the back panel, pick up from the sleeve then knit the front right panel.


A bit intimading. Therefore, it's resting in its bag for now.

I am going to continue knitting the scarf for the girls, Lujayn and Leen. It's much less scary and a easier.

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