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I just saw that I left this blog for about a couple of years.

Yikes. Times past by quickly when you don't pay attention to anything else but your family and work.

I have been knitting regularly. I had been drawing on and off. Not so much lately because I get busy with knitting instead.

We haven't garden much these past few years. One excuse after another, well, the garden stays neglected.

I sew as I need to. No time. Work is demanding. Kids are demanding (but rewarding!). Socializing also take tolls on my mental health and self esteem.

So, knitting is my stress buster these past couple of years. Knitting is what I am good at.

Free time?

Between work, husband and kids, there really isn't much free time for me. I try to carve an hour or two for myself daily. Husband has been very good about pushing me to get time on my own.

New project at work is settling down. Kids are growing up some. They need attention but not as constant as when they were toddlers. I van actually sit and knit more. Or read more. Or whatever else I want to do.

I am in the middle of knitting a sweater for my daughter. Something that she could wear to school. It has short sleeves and only one button at the neckline. 17 cm to go and I'll be done with it!

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Life is hectic for us over here.

We have been busy with the kids, work, house. You know how it goes.

I did have sewing projects. I have completed several diaper orders and working on one at the moment. I have also been knitting like mad.

I just did not have the time to come here and update the blog. With everything else that goes on in our daily life, this blog just slip through the cracks.

Or maybe, I am just not that much of a blogger. :)

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It's fun when you share a hobby with your kid

My daughter has caught the sewing bug.

She has been sewing whenever she has free time. She made herself blanket. She made her brother a small pouch. She made a stuffed toy for her baby brother. Her stitches are much more tidy than when she started. She's been wanting to make herself an apron and a skirt.

We've been strolling down the fabric isles at JoAnn and oohing and aahing over fabrics.

It's FUN!

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